Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombes

Take your hot chocolate to the next level with a luxury vegan hot chocolate bombe! Place a vegan choc bombe into a mug and slowly pour over steaming soya, oat, coconut or almond milk for the best vegan drinking chocolate experience.

Cocoba vegan chocolate bombes include vegan marshmallows too – they make great gifts for friends and family any time of the year, and are extremely popular at Christmas. Buy your vegan-friendly hot chocolate bombes today from our UK store for fast UK delivery.

Are Hot Chocolate Bombes Vegan Friendly?

Hot Chocolate Bombes are not vegan friendly by default. However, you can buy Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombes with Vegan-Friendly Marshmallows from - a UK store specialising in Drinking Chocolate gifts, and from - a UK store specialising in original gifts from award-winning companies.

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